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This review may contain spoilers.

Dear James,

I've seen Ad Astra twice and I adore what you have done. I thankfully saw it in a theater with an excellent picture and sound where the contract in the experience added to the film's rhythm. But it particular, it reminded me of a moment a few years ago when I returned home and finally saw my dad in a fragile state. For years I saw him as something of a bully and like Roy, building up a stature that I could never live up to. But when I saw him this time he just seemed...old, fragile, and vulnerable. I felt that in the shot of Roy reaching for his father's arm, helping him "dress," and finally letting go.

Thanks for making the movie.
Dear Peter,

Thanks so much for your kind words about AD ASTRA. I’m glad the dressing moment read that way to you; we agree! We always felt that the whole film was about that very thing: about the moment that the son undergoes the role replacement with the father. The ogre loses his power and is exposed as an object of pity. His vulnerability allows him to be loved.