Adanggaman ★★★½

The "idyllic time"
Exposed at its violent center.
"You will always be a slave."

Advanced studies for those interested African cinema. While the film's narrative is not too terribly complex, the reasons why it was made are very much rooted in the "village film" controversy begun by Yabba that basically eliminated funding for serious political works during the 1980s. So here you get a village film where Africans enslave other Africans, all the viscous warriors are women, and the "idyllic time" is shown to be just as violent before the entrance of the white man (spoken of but never seen). Soundtrack is appropriately "unaware" of this, and M'Bala is a striking image creator (posted one image here). Not sure what to make of many of its more specific beats, which I'll throw on my failure as a spectator more than the film itself.