Bachelor Flat ★★★

Girls after girls
All after the stiff upper lip.
Comedy of spaces
Of a prepubescent humor.
Give it three barks.

Sarris: "Although Tashlin is impressivley inventive, particularly with gadgets and animals, he has never been sympathetic enough to any of his characters to forego a laugh at their expense. The one possible exception is the sweet, anonymous British girl in Bachelor Flat. Ultimately, frenetic farce, however inventive, is self-defeating without a theory of character."

Of the members of EE, it seems to be Tashlin is the one Sarris struggles most with. Not only does he start his statement mentioning Tashlin's champions (Godard, Bogdanovich, and Ian Cameron, the latter a writer for the British screen journal Movie), but Tashlin's maniac side seem to battle directly against Sarris's sentimental streak that also made him reject Billy Wilder's cynicism in his young days. However, he recognizes the talent at hand, and certainly Bachelor Flat is his most grounded film, so it's easy to see why he goes for it.

Props for Sarris to use the 'Pyrrhic' to describe Tashlin's "victories," again an example of his wondrous word choices.