Café Society

Café Society ★★★½

"It should no longer surprise anyone in claiming Stewart as one of the great actresses of her generation, but the way she works through the material thrown at her by different directors continues to surprise. After Adventureland and American Ultra, Eisenberg and Stewart have nailed down their quasi-flirtatious tone to a relaxed comic pace. He darts his pointed eyes with the dialogue rapidly firing out of his mouth, while she allows words to spill with less tonal inclination and more rhythmic parsing of emotion. When she later appears dressed in a Minnie Mouse-like getup, her anxiety comes less from her voice than her exasperated moving hands, accentuated by white gloves."

I wrote about a Woody Allen movie (and not about Woody Allen). This was actually my first since the double disappointment for me of Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine, and I don't think his filmmaking has much changed as much as I have in how to read a director who works more with staging than editing. Obviously, Vittorio Storaro's phenomenal work here is a plus alongside the fantastic cast.

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