Crossroads ★★★

Perhaps visually more radical than A Page of Madness but there’s no justification in terms of the narrative often for a lot of the breathtaking images, which completely overwhelm the mostly unworthy of our interest tragedy here. Brother and sister united against the oppressive system of what exactly is not sure, but the brother is in love with a society woman who doesn’t love him back, and the sister is tormented by any member of the male sex. This occasionally breaks into breathtaking filmmaking, notably a sequence where the sister is attacked by her landlord that recalls Griffith style of parallel editing. But this is a much harder film to grasp onto than Madness, a film that much more requires the specifics of a plot to lead you through its twists, and Kinugasa has trouble articulating what exactly is going on, and there’s a general investment issue I had. It’s amazing to look at, nonetheless, and others felt differently, so I recommend Brian Darr’s piece over here.