Driftwood ★★★

Between a turn of phrase
And the Good Book
"Moments where words are superfluous”
Merging science and miracles.

Talked a lot about the physicality of Dwan’s films in previous entries, so here’s a film that’s all about the relationship between words: legal, common phrases, definitions, and of course, the words of the Bible. But as Walter Brennan says at one point, "There are moments in life when words are superfluous." Kind of impossible to explain how strange the plot is in this film, which features an opening that feels like the Bombing of London and later a dog on trial, plus an ending with a miracle cure for spotted fever from ticks. It’s a cute small town narrative, and very young Natalie Wood is very cute as the out of towner trying to find her way in modern society. But it’s also the kind of weird film that attempts to meld science and faith together in a strange, but touching way.