Escape in the Fog ★★★

My first Boetticher, an early work for him that apparently shows only a bit of what his iconic Westerns are made of ("They were nothing pictures. But they gave me a chance to work with some great people: Nina Foch, Otto Krueger, people like that"). Starts off ridiculously promising — the only example I can think of that features a WWII female veteran with PTSD (and not just that, but hallucinations of the future!!). However, it quickly abandons that for more standard spy material: boy and girl working together to retrieve a package. Boetticher's shots are often direct and economic, with just a tinge of noir shadows—two shadows colliding on each other, the titular fog engulfing the screen to the point of incomprehensibility—to keep the eyes interested. And like many crime films of the era, there's an obsession with the advent of war time technology in both good and bad uses.