Escape to Burma ★★★½

The jungle heat
Pales next to the lust
Of Ryan and Stanwyck.
Violent triangle
Of elephants, tigers, and monkeys!

Basically The River’s Edge meets Hatari! subtract funds to travel to the country the film takes place in—Another Telaroli trivia was this film used the sets for the John Wayne starring The Conqueror, and Dwan began shooting after they started and before they finished. Alcott’s cinematography makes you see the heat (check out that glowing green night sky late in the film), as do the hot tension between Robert Ryan and Barbara Stanwyck (just their initial glances are total eye-fucking amazing, and there’s a great moment when they kiss and Stanwyck rejects it, and then decides “oh wait let’s do this”). Plays fast and loose with its lustful characters (“usually my only company is a bottle of whiskey” “Well I’ll be your company”), as well as indulges in all sorts of crazy animal shenanigans that got plenty of laughs (including one monkey that made Chris Wells howl from his seat). Speeds up its plot as it enters its third act, which like River’s Edge is a lot of negotiations of power and shifting alliances of characters, before ending with a conclusion that like Driftwood plays between two types of words. But this is really just a sexy movie between two aging stars who act like horny teens.