Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! ★★½

Slender curves
On cars and hips
But danger around them.
Every virgin's
Got a little vixen in them.

Exploitation is not really my thing, or at least not in this form. I was talking with Craig Williams (#FF) after the show, and I mentioned that one of the things about Death Proof that you don’t realize how subversive the film is until you are getting near the last 15 minutes. What Craig explained is that with these films, you had to get your biggest points in the first 10 minutes, because after that, you don’t know what your drive-in audience is going to be up to, and it’s probably not watching the movie.

So I dug all those faster cars and very slender hips, and I guess I was amused by the cheap insert shots of the women “driving” the cars. But this film kind of peaks with All-American Sally Sue watching her boyfriend get his comeuppance. After that, I guess there’s some interesting material between watching these women battle these old crazy men (“You’re more safe with us than you are with them”) and plenty of phallic imagery to go around, and Sally Sue herself having to resort to the same tactics to save her skin. None of it is really intolerable as much as sort of hitting the expected notes I expected, which is fine, but it’s just not really my thing.