Fig Leaves ★★★

Opens with literal Monkey Business, as a caveman is attacked in pre-historic times by a giant ape (cut to close-up of Chimpanzee for maximum lulz), and then settles into amusing gags of domestic strife, all full of the problems of “today:” mainly women are obsessed with materiality and men don’t know how to talk to them about what they want. The path leads down a series of mostly amusing gags, including a long sequence where Adam’s best friend tells him best how to tell a woman she’s not getting new clothes (it involves a lot of choking—YMMV). Hawks tells Bogdanovich, “You can’t make fun of anybody and it amuse people if you don’t get mean about it.” Women are thus easily tempted while men are mostly redeemed by their loyalty, but I still found ways to chuckle through most the various scenes of marital strife, though I really wanted to see where else that stegosaurus subway was going.

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