Impolex ★★★

Haven't read Gravity's Rainbow because I'm a philistine (deal with it), but works admirably on its own to an extent. Plays like a Jim Jarmusch version of one of those Spielberg 8mm war movies (the 16mm gives it a hallucinatory quality). Unfortunately, the Jarmusch it reminds me most of is The Limits of Control, which has its ardent defenders—I am not one of them. The conversations are more lucid and funny than Control, and the film has plenty of great odd sight gags: the octopus especially, and there's one long take where Shiel appears and then reappears in a different dress and acts like a totally different character. The monologue near the end gives a strong road map—both plot wise and emotionally—which is fine, but it's still more or less a disjointed work at times. Also I'm not sure there's an actress who forces "ums" into her dialogue more than Shiel does in that monologue. Otherwise, she's very good, much more than the affectless O'Bryan (yes it's deliberate; no it doesn't work).