It's a Disaster ★½

Frankly not my cup of wine, set off from the opening credits sequence. Almost turned off after 15 minutes, but certain lines ("Oh we do have D batteries!") did have me think there was a more interesting or funny movie here. But the characterizations are too broad, and every problem is pushed to 11 by default of the situation—justified, but only occasionally made funny by a clever line. It's all a bit too familiar (the geek paranoid guy is a total misfire on all counts), so even plots like Ferarra's suicidal mission go from smart satire to too broad, losing what made it funny in the first place. Meanders through the various combinations of characters, trying to find anything that sticks. An MVP award at least for Rachel Boston, who breathes a lot of humor into a stereotype we've seen before. She's a physical comedic actress in the vein of Anna Farris, and really knows how to use eyelines to make a visual gag. Too bad it spends 80 minutes finding conventional means, only to try a subversive rug pull to finish it off - a trick that works only when the rest of the film has been usurping your expectations.

Then again, I don't do brunch.