It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

This film just made me feel ALL THE FEELINGS. Animation captures what anxiety truly feels like.

I'm curious to how "personal" this story really is, whether Hertzfeldt had a friend with a brain tumor. But part of the beauty of why this film works is that I don't even think the film specifically lays out Bill's illness, making it more universal (which is doubled down by the simplicity of the animation). The sense-memory elements, relegating each to their own little thought bubble, have an overwhelming power at times, and the play with form and image reminded me at times of Brakhage. In terms of telling a whole story, the first part, which is the least boiled in actual personal details, is easily my favorite, but that ending also pretty much rapturous from the moment the VO starts pleading with Bill. At times I think it could have been streamlined in one or two places, and there's one subplot with Bill's father that I felt was a little too easy for a film that plays things really ambiguous. Still, this is a rapturously beautiful work, and I want to see everything Hertzfield does from here on out.

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