Kati with an I ★★★½

"I act like a child"
Yet she becomes a woman.
Love as tenuous
As a perfect glance
During that favorite song.

Took me almost half the movie to figure out what exactly Greene was doing here, because it’s so out of the realm of conventional documentary storytelling. Context is established but the “why” is almost non-existent (note: this is a good thing). What the film instead does is launch us into a personal diary of an individual who is on the brink of a new life and totally terrified, yet remains a persistently strong and beautiful presence on screen. The narrative that does develop is brimming with intimacy and honesty, and while the was surely not his plan, the film feels like a total fuck you to Nanette Burstein’s American Teen. More TK in an upcoming podcast with Greene, but better than the rating here might suggest, which is mostly due to a little too much emphasis on music, and the unconventionality does befall some moments as not entirely purposeful, which is partially the point. But the core of the film clearly announces a major talent.