Magnificent Obsession ★★★½

Took me a while to find the rhythm of this before I realized I sensed Sirk being limited by the 1.34 format,* though I haven't seen anything from his earlier period. He seems a little to schematic in his spacing and framing, which is why his color work end up being so essential to everything he does here (compare that to The Tarnsihed Angels, where everything is about spacing. This guy was meant for Scope).

Not a huge complaint—the story is the stuff melodrama is made of, and Sirk's pacing and handling of his actors highlights the humor while also bringing "the feels." Also excellent: a strangely mature third act that ignores the obvious screenwriting trope I thought I saw coming a mile away. [Insert obvious reading of Hudson for maximum tedium].

*This was shot in 2.35, I later realized. The print shown was in 4:3.