Mr. Majestyk ★★★½

Used the latest Establishing Shots to discuss my new fascination with Charles Bronson as an action body: a very strange choice until you begin considering how he uses his personality to be unassuming to make the work of violence all the more surprising.

This is another strong entry from Fleischer. Very relaxed in its plotting and never rushed, with a lot of space for the actors to move around in the frame, which takes away a sense of fatalism and thus gives the effect of creating a universe of choices. The final action sequence becomes the opposite of Violent Saturday, with the hero trying to draw the villains out instead of the other way around. It still has that same rhythmic sense to action that you can trace through his entire filmography—shots inevitably lead into each other, focusing on a particular gesture in each. Along with Bronson's own lack of invincibility that his very grounded body suggests, it gives the sense of realism to action in which people think about what they are doing and calculate how to best their opponents.