Nightcrawler ★★★

This is fun. Crisply edited, gorgeously shot, and designed to be 80s Cable Affair ("If it bleeds, it leads!" Bill Paxton scruffily shouts). I'm with Keith Uhlich, who discusses this for his Top 10 list, that its most fascinating elements are its appropriation of corporate speech into criminal affairs, which reminded me of the gangsters in Killing Them Softly using political rhetoric for their own affairs. The news satire thing did feel more pronounced to me while Keith felt more at ease to ignore it as a backdrop. Since I watched this on a screener, Elswit's cinematography looked nice but not revelatory—the one particular shot with Gyllenhaal and Russo behind a fake image of Los Angeles ("It looks like the real thing") being the standout image. I watched this on a Saturday morning, and I feel that it was an appropriate cartoon replacement.