Police Story 2 ★★★

Clearly Chan wanted to go in a different route with this sequel, which is best demonstrated by the outtakes in the credits, which are less fun and more bloody. The response is less “whoa!” and more “oh dear.” Police Story 2 tries to be more serious in a way the original felt only tangentially interested in police politics, but it’s the comedy bits that are the best—especially the interrogation of a criminal by three female cops and anything with Maggie Cheung (her attacking him in the restroom is a bizarre gender subverting delight). However, the whole narrative is kind all over the place, and the villains are way too cut and dry (the return of Police Story’s villain is a much bigger highlight, which speaks to how uninteresting the villains are). Add to the fact that the film makes us sit through essentially 25 minutes of needless plotting for a good action set piece, and often seems way more interest in big explosions than the physical body, and it’s a bit messy. Of course, nothing can take away from the final factory set piece, especially for this fan of the arcade Donkey Kong.