Police Story 3: Super Cop ★★★½

"We need a supercop!"
International spy
With a viperous woman
Working fist in fist.
The handover approaches. (?)

Much dumber than either previous Police Story, and the better for it. Watched in 35mm with English dubbing and Spanish subtitles, which helped add to the absurdity of the film. This one is clearly influenced by the blockbusters and Bond films of the 1980s with its country hopping narrative and emphasis on giant set pieces, made all the more special that there’s not a CGI shot in sight (especially during Chan’s helicopter shenanigans, which I was sure had to be at least some CGI until the credits at the end revealed not so). Michelle Yeoh’s debut here is a welcome replacement for Cheung’s shortened role, bringing a different but also playful energy to her relationship with Chan, and also kicking serious ass (plus that motorcycle stunt is crazy awesome). Ends on an appropriate WTF line, with Chan telling Yeoh that he will keep the Hong Kong money, because soon they’re countries will be united again—unsure whether this dialogue appeared in the 1992 HK release, but it’s kind of the perfect final laugh.