Rapado ★★★

Ironies of space
Between crimes and privilege.
A cross-eyed bill
Oblivious to those above.
Motorbike bike burnout.

With the renewed interest this year in Argetinian cinema (Matias Pineiro, Santiago Mitre, and Jazmin Lopez), this was an appropriate choice for MoMA’s To Save and Project—a 1992 (ignore Letterboxd’s wrong year) film that has been apparently claimed in some circles as one of the key works of the Argentinean New Wave. It’s certainly an interesting work with a shot structure that reminded me of somewhere between Claire Denis or The Strange Little Cat if I am recalling correctly. Narrative was mostly enticing—rich privileged teenager gets his motorcycle stolen in the opening scene, and thus begins obsessed with stealing other motorbikes himself, and the whole family seems to be (accidentally?) dealing in counterfeit money. Make whatever class critique of it you will.