Rendezvous with Annie ★★★

Chocolate dreaming boy
In a absurdest nightmare.
Post-war paranoia
As a gee golly dilemma.
Nice guy noir.

This one takes the cake (!) for weirdest plot yet: a naïve and too honest G.I. in London is coaxed by his buddies to use a 3 day pass to go AWOL and sneak back to New Jersey to see his wife for his anniversary, and then must later prove he did go home when he realizes that he knocked her up and there is a big inheritance coming to his son if he can prove he’s the father but only has a week to do so (Someone should do a listicle on films built on wills written by insane mysterious uncles). Built like a film noir with a prison and a flashback structure (and opening with a shot of feet, thus continuing my “Dwan is a foot fetishist” suspicions), has its occasional merits (the doctor’s frightened reaction before revealing the birth to Albert makes for good comedy). The whole thing kind of plays like the absurdist light comedy version to something like The Best Years of Our Lives, in which all the mistaken identity kind of stands in for a postwar paranoia. One scene in particular stands out, as Eddie Albert sings an old Irish song in a single take on the plane back to the UK. His buddies indulge in the best damn chocolate cake in “the entire universe” as we’re told in the end. Also really enjoyed the moments of silence before bombs would land during the bomb shelter scenes in London – felt like one of those nice authentic details. Plus, this couple is really adorable together.