Stage Struck ★★★½

Salome Dreamin'
The desires of a waitress.
Anything for the man
Of acrobatic pancakes.
Technicolor finish.

Opens and closes in glorious two-strip Technicolor, which is quite a technical feat. But again, it’s Swanson’s comic timing that is the real star here, in this one more of a Chaplinesque tramp in love with a pancake cooker (more impressive than he sounds). Some absolutely genius sequences: Swanson mimicking an asshole-ish actress, her routine at the griddle, and her “acting preparation.” I’m a little disappointed by the boxing finale, only because I think Swanson’s face is what makes her such a funny actress, and the decision to mask it is somewhat unfortunate. But I love that she has no pretensions about going for the lowest of low jokes (see: the result of her jumping off the boat), and she does really give it all in terms of the romance, making the final ever more tender (plus that final joke/whatever Swanson does with her smirk and eyes all the more funny).

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