Syriana ★★½

"It's complicated."

Interesting to note w/r/t the "politics" of this film, it's clearly anti-corporations, government, what have you, but the only solution it offers is the family. This is of course typical of any classical Hollywood narrative (the imaginary solution to the contradictory problem), but what makes Syriana interesting (but not good) is how it refuses to even mention environmental solutions at all (whether you believe in them or not is irrelevant , but its glaring omission here can only be subscribed to the whole "within the POV of the characters it chose"). So you have a supposed liberal film that forces you to "think," but the thinking is supposed to be centered around piecing together the network narrative, which makes Altman look like Marienbad in terms of puzzles. So I'd argue this is actually kind of the brilliance of Hollywood, its "persistence" to use the Elsaesserian term, as a conservative system that is able to adapt and induct liberal ideas in the same way it can take foreign art house directors and turn them into Hollywood products.