The Night of Truth ★★

A party for reconciliation
That evolves into
The airing of grievances.
A roast for our past.

First half hour almost incomprehensible, until the film becomes thuddingly obvious. The borders of Africa are arbitrary and none reflect the various tribal history, so cultures are thrown together and thus conflict ensues. Night of the Truth imagines a fictional country where we see two groups attempt to work out their reconcliation over a party, and as you can imagine, things don't go well. Better in subtle details—a scene in which the two groups exchange cultural dishes that results in an awkward tension—than the big ones (the film's big twist is a bit over-the-top to say). Ends in a "why can't we all just get along since we're all born of the same cloth" message that really need not be articulated so directly. Would help if Narcro had any visual style, but I can't recall a single memorable shot.