Gimme Shelter ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The opening and closing bits, where the Stones are put in front of the monitor to watch the footage are damn genius bits, and emphasize their completely non-plussed reactions. One must admit that as good as it is to watch the Stones live, the middle part of the film before we get to the concert is essentially filler (The best performance, ironically, is Tina Turner's uber-sexual moment with her microphone). Not knowing too much about Altamont besides the fact there was a a scuffle, I was somewhat surprised about how little we actually see besides that all too frightening slo-mo bit. In some ways, I was somewhat frustrated by the trio's approach here, because I wanted to know more. But obviously this being direct cinema and everything, they stay within the POV of Jagger and the crew during the concert, and that moment where Jagger looks out to the crowd, pauses as if to realize that chaos is about to happen, and then decides to keep dancing, is lightning in a bottle.