The Typhoon ★★★

Japanese brotherhood
Seduced by Parisian beauty.
Country comes first.
Even at the expense of death.
Ashes away.

Like many silent films and especially American films starring Asian actors, a Strange Movie for many reasons. Starts with a young Japanese boy heading to France to be a spy (though I didn't figure that out till the last scene) to hang with a bunch of Japanese men who all value brotherhood and motherland over those Fucking French Sluts that pull them away from their work. No wonder one gets murdered leading to the Japanese men covering for the man who did it so he can finish his report. There's some interesting shot composition during the trial, even though actual specifics of how that trial go down aren't particularly clear (I think a portion of footage was lost on impossible to restore). Sessue Hayakawa (his first big box office smash) is pretty great and has some really intense eyes, and Frank Borzage has a small role here. Of interest certainly; Daisuke Miyao has a good reading on it in his book on Hayakawa.