Trent's Last Case ★★★

According to one report, this was playing at a Hawks retro while the man was still alive, and Hawks barged into the projection room and demanded that the negative be burned. A weird case indeed – originally meant to be a sound film until Raymond Griffith lost his voice, forcing them to go the other route. It’s sort of a pre-Thin Man-esque comedy, with an idiotic detective arriving on the scene before the crime even happens (Donald Crisp’s mad man plan is possibly the most insane put to screen, but his eyes sell it). Missing reels prevent a full understanding of the odds and ends, but when it comes to some of the clever ending as Trent solves the crime, I was with it, as well as some of the interesting juxtaposition shots Hawks uses. Would have watched a whole franchise of this guy – too bad it was his (spoiler!) last case.