Trouble Every Day ★★★½

Review possibly forthcoming around the time of the new 35mm at BAM, but #gradskool #thesis #NYFF #death might prevent that. The first 90 minutes for me are spectacular – everything working through tactility and gazes (perhaps a sequel to De Palma’s The Fury?), dazzling reflections of light that echo the different views of class, and a mystery that slowly pulls itself together. The fact it plays halfway between a philosophical reflection and a vampire thriller is the kind of thing only Denis can pull off, while having a strong sense of non-traditional editing that is always jarring but never actually interrupts spatial continuity (look at how she shoots the final encounter down in the maid’s locker room – throwing an over the head shot in that throws off directional sense, but heightens the tension considerably). Only the last 15 minutes for me left me a little disengaged, specifically one particular shot that I thought could have been implied instead of shown, though I guess it’s mirrored by one of the (killer) final shots. Haven’t had time to do any reading, but suggestions are welcome.

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