Vera Cruz ★★★★

Was worried at first that Lancaster was going to out act Gary Cooper, whose working in High Noon territory despite the film being quite the opposite, but soon levels into a fascinating duo. Could make a great double feature with Duck, You Sucker!, as both are films about people exploiting the Mexican revolution for their own gain. Film is filled with utter delights, especially as the gang infiltrates what's essentially the set of a Visconti movie and acts like a gang of slobs. Double and triple crosses abound in what could essentially be a film noir (Cooper is a veteran of the war), with banter up there with the stuff in Double Indemnity. Falters near the finish mark, as Aldrich gets a soft heart for a good cause, but the fact that Lancaster can't help but smile throughout the movie, even in his final moment, makes this essential viewing, especially for die-hards fans of the actor.