Why Be Good? ★★★½

Beyond the narrative (a pretty good Pre-Code comedy in the same vein of Clara Bow's It!*, most fascinating in terms of its critique of slut shaming!!), this was the first silent film I saw with an entirely Vitaphone soundtrack. While most of the work is basically doing whatever an orchestra would have done, there were a few great uses of sound effects, most particularly two drunken idiots yodeling via two muted trumpets, the sound right on key with their actions. An early moment with the radio is pleasing as the volume is turned up, literally turning up the volume of the soundtrack. And it's always curious to see how the film uses the tunes and jingles of the Jazz Age and incorporates them into the story. This film was recently discovered in an archive in Milan, and thanks to the Vitaphone Project, they also discovered the entire soundtrack, which was rare for this era.

*It should be noted that Colleen Moore kind of pioneered this character, though Bow became the most recognized star of the era.