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Director of the month: Elia Suleiman

A burlesque figure wearing a hat adapts with more or less success to his environment. Do you think of Jacques Tati, or Buster Keaton? This is their contemporary counterpart: Palestinian filmmaker and actor Elia Suleiman (Chronicle of a Disappearance, Divine Intervention, It Must Be Heaven...).


LaCinetek succumbs to the fatal genre of Hollywood film noir and its criminal variations: poisonous glamour, irresistible performers (Ava Gardner, Gloria Swanson, Burt Lancaster, Clint Eastwood) dressed to kill, deep blacks, narrative vertigo, lethal stagings signed Hawks, Wilder, Siodmak, Welles, Tarantino... 

Addio Monica

Monica Vitti, an icon sculpted of shadow and light, an incandescent eclipse of Italian cinema in its golden age, has just left us.

Women Pioneers of Cinema

After bringing Alice Guy to light in 2020, LaCinetek is once again partnering with Lobster Films to present, within its "Hidden Treasures" section, a selection of 7 new films from the beginning of the 20th century made by women, little celebrated yet innovative. Lois Weber, Mabel Normand, Germaine Dulac or Mary Ellen Bute: so many pioneers women filmmakers whose rich filmography, almost unseen on VOD, should be (re)discovered.

The Universal Monsters

Focus on the Universal Monsters, a series of horror, suspense and science fiction films produced by Universal Pictures between 1923 and 1960, which offered their first cinematographic representations of the romantic figures of Dracula, Frankenstein or the werewolf! 

Dive into Steven Spielberg's universe

As his remake of West Side Story is about to be released in theaters, LaCinetek is delighted to welcome nine Steven Spielberg films in its catalog! (Re)discover the man who, with George Lucas at the dawn of the 1970s, invented the blockbuster and initiated a new era in Hollywood cinema.

Selection of the month: Occult

For Halloween coming up, the films in this selection take paths that blur the boundaries between reality and imaginary and bring the living and the dead into dialogue.