Pete Docter's favourite films

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This holiday season, LaCinetek comes up with a great gift: the list of Pete Docter's favourite films

Multi-award-winning director, animator and screenwriter, Pete Docter is the artistic director of Pixar. He was responsible for the original story of the first two Toy Story that made the animation studio famous, and then for directing the groundbreaking works Monsters, Inc. (2001) and Up (2009), before reaching new heights of audacity and inventiveness with Inside Out (2015) and Soul (2020).

The list he has offered to LaCinetek enhances films discovered in childhood. It's an opportunity to take a stroll through the great hours of American cinema, from the burlesque of Keaton and Chaplin to the westerns of John Ford, from the comedies of Capra to the musicals of Stanley Donen, not forgetting, of course, the animated masterpieces of Studios Ghibli and Disney, Wallace & Gromit and the Looney Tunes.

LaCinetek’s VOD catalog of 1900 films is the sum of all the participating director’s recommendations. A new list means therefore new releases available for rent, among them : 

Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones
It's a Wonderful life by Frank Capra
The Wrong Trousers by Nick Park
The Jerk by Carl Reiner
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by John Ford
- The African Queen by John Huston
My Neighbors the Yamadas by Isaho Takahata
- Local Hero by Bill Forsyth

Please note that LaCinetek is in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg and that availability of these films may have exceptions in some countries. 

Happy Holidays on LaCinetek !

Photo: Duck Amuck by Chuck Jones