Radu Jude puts short films in the spotlight

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Enter the surprising universe of Romanian director Radu Jude.

Leading figure in young Romanian cinema, he has established himself over the past few years as a brilliant essayist-filmmaker, winning the Golden Bear at the 2021 Berlinale with his latest film, Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, which will be released in many countries on December 15th.

Each month, LaCinetek discloses the list of a new director - the films that influenced him or her. In November, discover Radu Jude's list for LaCinetek that pays tribute to short films and remind us that they can make great films.

LaCinetek’s VOD catalog of 1500 films is the sum of all the participating director’s recommendations. A new list means therefore new releases available for rent,
among them : 

Les Mains négatives by Marguerite Duras
A Dog's life by Charlie Chaplin
- The musicians by Kazimierz Karabazs
- Now! by Santiago Alvarez
- The Girl Chewing Gum by John Smith
- A Third Reich by Alfred Kaiser
- Perfect Film by Ken Jacobs
- Ulysse by Agnès Varda
- Passionless Moments by Jane Campion

Please note that LaCinetek is in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg and that availability of these films may have exceptions in some countries. 

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Photo: The musicians by Kazimierz Karabazs