Selection of the month: Investigations

"Just because a problem hasn't been solved doesn't mean it can't be solved."
Agatha Christie, Mr Quinn

In February, investigate on LaCinetek!

Crime films have always been a popular genre, but investigations are not the exclusive preserve of detectives. Whether it's the hope of clearing a loved one's name, shedding light on a past event or simply wanting to know more about the world around us, there's no shortage of reasons to set out on a quest. Ten films that take you on a journey behind appearances, from false leads to false pretenses, will lead you to the heart of many revelations, including those about yourself.

The films in the subscription this month :

The Virgin Suicides directed by Sofia Coppola
Mother directed by Bong Joon-ho
Mr. Arkadin directed by Orson Welles
Boys' School directed by Christian-Jaque
Manhattan Murder Mystery directed by Woody Allen
Love Meetings directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Picnic at Hanging Rock directed by Peter Weir
Some interviews on Personal Matters directed by Lana Gogoberidze
Finally, Sunday ! directed by François Truffaut
The Third Man directed by Carol Reed