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  • Rampage



    Dumb, which I expected.

    Largely not fun, which I didn't expect.

  • Housesitters



    Do-it-yourself micro-budget horror filmmakers have a license to be weird, but even by this standard, HOUSESITTERS is an odd duck. The plot—a pair of callow millennials (played by co-writers Jamie Jirak and Annie Watkins) take what looks to be a sweet housesitting gig only to find themselves pawns in a ritual enacted by an evil magician—looks standard enough. But I haven't mentioned the sitters' gay porn obsession, or the strains of weed named after Italian crime movies from the '70s,…

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  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey


    This is pretty awful. It's like watching two hot people with no personalities who can't act pretend to have chemistry with each other, and every so often they have a parody of kinky sex with each other to relieve the monotony.

  • Godzilla