Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Guy Ritchie has done nothing new with the crime/action genre here, although he does deliver a solid film that paces itself well.

We aren't overblown with action set pieces, an overdone premise, or careless logistics for world building purposes. Instead, we get a straight forward man on a mission. No unneeded setup or under utilized characters, just point A to point B.

While it pales in comparison to Heat, as the genre defining masterpiece it is, Guy Ritchie manages to carve a slot for himself. Combining elements that are similar to Den of Thieves, and Jackie Chans' The Foreigner, the premise is whittled down avoiding the excess unused plot of the aforementioned. It's simple in a genre that is known to have issues with coherency and consistency, keeping it easy to follow with just enough suspense and action to keep you engaged.