• Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2


    Solid step down from the first installment but it has its moments. Idris Elbas' voice acting sure doesn't help either.

  • The Lost City

    The Lost City


    I demand a buddy cop movie with Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt.

  • Belle



    Not the strongest entry in Hosodas' work. Characters feel a bit flat and the story is relatively generic. Visually it's a treat similar to Summer Wars with a soundtrack that has a flair to it.

    It's very entertaining, but falls short to prior work.

  • See for Me

    See for Me

    There's some flaws and loses it's appeal in the last fifth or so, but nevertheless is enjoyable.

  • Help



    Anything good about this gets trampled by poor dialogue and it's exaggerated plot. Very little is plausible in any real sense of the situation.

  • Bridge to Terabithia

    Bridge to Terabithia


    Makes a great double feature with I Kill Giants for those that need comforting or are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    A sequel of what could have been an interesting anti-hero series has been butchered and morphed into a lackluster buddy-cop movie.

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice


    Utterly predictable, but thoroughly enjoyable. It's exactly what you would expect from a movie with Ryan Reynolds and the Rock. The only surprising aspect is the performance by Gal Gadot. She finally manages to bring life to a character outside of being a pretty face. Hopefully it's a turning point for her career.

  • Army of Thieves

    Army of Thieves


    At least the most interesting and eclectic character was chosen for a spin-off. A dramatic increase in quality when compared to Army of The Dead.

  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    Like most of the films in the genre, the plot is predictable. However, the setting provides a tone that keeps the story upbeat, funny, and heartfelt at moments. The cast has great chemistry even with some spotty dialogue and scene choices. On top of that, the musical elements adds a nice dramatic tone without reaching into melodrama or taking the Shaun of The Dead route in execution.

    Definitely one to add to your list of Christmas time watch one.

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    Take away the god awful streamer cutaways and the quality exponentially increases.

    Also how does Ryan Reynolds manage to get privilege to so many large IPs?

  • Nightbooks



    A new twist on an old tale. Too bad it just isn't enough. The first two thirds suffers from a combination of bad pacing and spotty dialogue. Netflix continues to push out middle of the pack content that tries to hit too wide of a target audience.

    It's just okay.