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  • American Beauty
  • Manhattan
  • Forrest Gump
  • Hannah and Her Sisters

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  • Batman Begins

  • Amélie

  • Fahrenheit 9/11

  • Incredibles 2

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  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins

    I enjoyed this way more than I thought! I'm captivated! 

    I disliked that Rachel and Bruce kiss at the end romantically. I liked that they were just good friends. It would have had more impact if she gave him a deep friend/thank you kiss. 

    I'm so glad it was kept serious. I was expecting some useless lines like from Marvel or something that you're supposed to laugh at, but it's Batman! You have to be careful with that and if…

  • Amélie


    I fell in love with this movie. It's just so well done, positive, funny and hopeful.

    I want to say it feels like Jane Austen's "Emma" with characters from an Almodovar film and colors from a Wes Anderson film, but I sorta can't? It feels like "Amelie," and it's its own thing.

    It is heartwarming and cheerful with subtle and intelligent humor. The characters all feel incredibly original and all develop some sort of depth to them, even in their…

Popular reviews

  • Fahrenheit 9/11

    Fahrenheit 9/11

    That is definitely my favorite documentary.

    That was amazing.

    How is this stuff not common knowledge??? It's just so terrible. Terrible!

    It was really moving and well done. I love Michael Moore. He's hilarious. It is weird seeing it 18 years later. Most of the issues we still have.

    It touches on everything from corporate greed, the wealth gap, governmental lying, the psychology of fear, twisted military recruitment tactics and the disadvantage of being poor in a wasteland of capitalism.…

  • A Fish Called Wanda

    A Fish Called Wanda


    LOL ONE OF THE BEST COMEDIES EVER. HILARIOUS. I laughed so so hard. This was the greatest getaway from life I've had in months. Absolutely hilarious. Amazing screenplay, acting, and directing. One of the most deserved oscars for Kevin Klien ever. It really was a testament to what real acting is. One of my favorite performances ever. 

    I just couldn't stop laughing. I'm sitting here in the largest smile. It has the greatest jokes. It's slapstick, yet so clever and…