Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★★

I feel like I’ve made it pretty clear on here how much Bo Burnham and his specials mean to me.

Inside is no different. Brilliant, hilarious, intricate, emotional, and raw as fuck. Seriously, I really can’t stress how fucking open Bo is here. It provides much needed laughter after all this time dealing with the pandemic, and the state of the world in general, all the while delivering to us what I believe is the most vulnerability and authenticity Bo has ever shown on screen. He never sacrifices the comedy to make a statement, but his messages aren’t bogged down by the jokes either. The fact that Bo managed to put this together by himself and for it to turn out as his most cinematic special is no joke. This thing is straight up beautiful at times, and i love watching Bo make it happen in front of our eyes. 

Incredible work as always from my all time favourite comedian. This made me feel so many things, but most importantly it made me feel happy again.

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