Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ★★★★★

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was honestly one of the best films I've seen this year so far. I'll try to keep this on the short side (yeah right) because I could legitimately go on for days but the bottom line: every aspect of the movie's cast, plot, and cinematography was nothing short of incredible. The visual components of the film reminded me a lot of the style used in Watchmen. AL:VH wasn't based on comic books but it worked.

For some reason I didn't expect there to be an awful lot of blood and gratuitous violence but there was an unlimited surplus of decapitation, bloodshed, and really awesome fight scenes. Speaking of awesome fight scenes... Abraham Lincoln sure knows how to wield an axe. The weapon-play was magnificent and never once did I get sick of seeing Abe flick his axe around.

And like I said, the cast was great... from Dominic Cooper to Rufus Sewell to Marton Csokas. Benjamin Walker, who played Lincoln, was a perfect choice and I really look forward to experiencing his rise to fame. I hope he's recognized for this role because he truly deserves it.

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