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  • The Tall Man

    The Tall Man


    The guy that gave us Martyrs.

    I was expecting horror or creepy and yes it started of that way however the ending let it down badly.

    I think if this film had taken the edgier route it would have been better instead it just seemed to lose the plot.

  • Ted



    I had high hopes for this and it didn't disappoint

    laughed and giggled throughout, loved the 80s references. This isn't just a film that's for blokes.

    Go see it and no matter what you were feeling before you will leave the cinema happy

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  • The Loved Ones

    The Loved Ones


    You know how it goes, girl asks guy to the prom, guy turns girl down, girl becomes a bigger fruit and nut than Cadbury's could ever create..

    Must say that this was good fun, I wasn't sure if I should have been laughing at some points but I was. Was rather gory but I found that the most extreme scenes were lightened with humour.

    Films like room mate etc should look to this film as this was how to do it properly.

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film

    If I tell you it has Jennifer Aniston and puppies will that put you off?? honestly avoid!!!!