Suspiria ★★★★★

This is what I wrote down in my notes from a nightmare I had a couple months ago after the last time I saw Suspiria.

Two people dissolve like mesh slippers. Then it went to a little boy getting ready to dance. He accidentally throws his slipper over a cabinet. He thinks the slipper fell through the cracks between the cabinet and the wall to the other side. Like the mirror door, it pops open and he's looking through to the other side (it's like a small closet). He hears a sound and runs to the door and he is now in between the door frame and there are two doors on either side of him. He is holding these doors together but there is too much energy trying to pull the doors open. The door on the dark side opens and she is speaking in another language unknown to man. She then puts her hand in between my armpit (now from my perspective) and is total darkness as she speaks to me.

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