The Long Goodbye ★★★★★

I was gonna watch it for just a few minutes to remind myself how the dreamy pastels of the flashed film stock give the movie such a lovely gauzy 70s California vibe but the next thing you know 112 minutes had elapsed and the end credits were rolling and I was humming that beautiful omnipresent John Williams theme song and thinking about how cruel the sea is at night and how much Philip Marlowe must have really loved his cat and how Sterling Hayden heartbreakingly blusters his way into stealing every one of his scenes and how Marlowe’s candle dipping topless yoga neighbors just want two kinds of brownie mix please and how everyone has a breaking point even someone as affable and relaxed as Marlowe because he really did love that cat and he couldn’t find it anywhere and also because it’s The Long Goodbye and what am I supposed to do not watch the whole thing?

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