Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★½

Such a love of martial arts and kung fu on display in this visually stunning film by Dreamworks.

Taking four years to make, you can see the love that went into every pixel on screen. Jack Black's panda Po, should be obnoxious, annoying and unbearable (similar to Jack Black in a lot of roles), but there is so much love in his big Panda heart, he's the ultimate fanboy, and you can't help love him for it. We can all empathise with his plight - wanting to please your family, but pining for your own life as well. And when they life is thrust upon you, it's easy to run and hide but it's much harder to stay and fight. Po is the one who understands that it's not about special moves or secret scrolls or years of training, it's about believing that you can do what you set your mind to and don't let anyone tell you that because you're fat and worthless that you actually ARE fat and worthless.

It's a powerful message for a children's film and one that the adults watching need to be reminded from time to time. We have all been Po, and that means we can all be the best version of ourselves. Well done Dreamworks, good shit.

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