The Pixar Story ★★★

I vividly remember the first time I saw Toy Story. It was at the cinema with my whole family and I knew nothing about it. My dad had heard good things and he said we should all go see it. I hoped there would be singing, because I loved animated musicals. That is all I knew.

Now I know it to be one of my favourite films of all time. It was funny, clever and incredibly stunning to look at. The animation seemed so real, it seemed so life life. Not to mention the story was incredible. I felt for these toys, their fears and jealousies and neurotics. And it was all done on a computer. It was staggering.

I also remember where I was when I first saw Finding Nemo. I was on school exchange in the Netherlands, feeling very homesick and wishing I was anywhere but there. I was taken to the cinema by my host family and it was one of the most moving cinema experiences I had ever known. Perhaps it was because there were so many Australian accents - Geoffrey Rush and Bill Hunter, voices of my youth! - and even an Australian location, but I was moved. I bawled my eyes out towards the end and felt a total fool.

This film explains why people have such reactions to Pixar films. They may be animated and computer generated but the stories behind them are real and moving. The people who create these characters are talents, creative and complete artists. They understand the language of cinema and they know the value of working til you can't anymore, to make your art the best it can possibly be. I'm so glad I grew up during their reign and even now, I love to see what they can do.