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  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar
  • Electra Glide in Blue
  • Billy Jack
  • The Baby Maker

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  • Trilogy of Terror II

  • Insatiable

  • Inside Marilyn Chambers

  • Resurrection of Eve

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  • Insatiable


    It may lack the artistic aspirations of Marilyn's Mitchell Brothers work, but she feels much more at ease here and it's a lot more fun than Green Door or Eve.

    Thank you David Morris for satisfying my long held curiosity about what '80s Tony Danza would look like as a porn star.

  • Both Ways

    Both Ways

    Andrea True filming this and recording More, More, More in the same year should be in the gay history books next to Stonewall.

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  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar

    Looking for Mr. Goodbar


    One of the very best of the greatest decade for American film. Richard Brooks is the master; Diane Keaton’s never been more brilliant (and beautiful). One of, if not the, most affecting movies I’ve seen in my life; I find myself more and more in awe every time I watch it. The final scenes especially are a masterclass in filmmaking.

    In a perfect world this film would have the reputation and legacy of its male-driven counterparts like Taxi Driver and…

  • Blonde



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    OK, I'll bite. In spite of the hand-wringing on Twitter and elsewhere these last few weeks, I checked my moral judgements at the door since some of my favorite movies have treaded similarly sinful territory - a fictionalized account of a real woman’s abuse at the hands of a string of shitty men that culminates in tragedy (Goodbar), and recreating someone's death in the very house where it happened (Star 80). But unlike the doomed protagonists of either of those…