Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Fairly weak sauce, especially given the strengths of Dawn of the Dead, BvS and Watchmen that you'd figure would translate beautifully to a Vegas zombie epic.

I loved the opening, the zombie king and queen, Tig Notaro (she struck me as your typical wisecracking chopper pilot, but with said cracks and delivery closer to like, a real person in that position, I guess?), jaw ripping, piano wire decapitation, the brutal tiger attack, and some of the action that didn't fly by in a blur.

After the opening credits though, the grand setpiece tableaux you basically go to a Snyder film for is almost completely lacking, save a few scenes. Some fleeting concepts and visuals hit the mark and the gore is refreshingly graphic, but it's just way too goddamn long and slow — first time I can remember actually spinning in my chair, checking my phone, et c, in a Snyder film in a while — seriously, the family scenes, once they're in Vegas, are fatal drags.

Also the moment-to-moment filmmaking is dull, shaky and shallow in focus (apparently a very conscious decision — though god knows the reason, aside from Notaro's scenes — by Snyder, per this article; largely uninteresting blocking, a tendency toward the confusing, et c.

Still hard for me to hate, I think partially due to just how oddly it hit me. The dissonance between what I expected and what I got, and the film's "off" pacing gave it a weird vibe that will probably result in a rewatch, though not any time soon.

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