A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods ★½

The tale of two old friends(Robert Redford and Nick Nolte) reuniting to tackle the Appalachian Trail and moving on to that next step in their lives. The film has these great moments between Nolte and Redford in the more subdued moments(even if Nolte's playing this exaggerated version of himself) but those honest moments are few and far between and there is just too many cheesy and dumb comedic scenes that don't deliver on the comedy and feel really off putting considering the premise. Redford is a great actor, but he just doesn't have much to do and he has to deal with the ridiculous actions his character does in the film. Emma Thompson is also odd in her role and the inclusion of Mary Steenburgen in the role of a woman Redford's character flirts with for like a second feels odd and she is so underutilized. The inclusion of Kristen Schaal as an annoying character did its job in that regard but she could be much better and the movie seemed to be saying something about hikers overall as the few people they met are crazy.
Overall, the movie is just so hammy that any real drama just got buried in the mediocre story. I found enjoyment in it at the theater, but it's not one I'm clamoring for on Blu-Ray anytime soon.