Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation ★★★

David Sanberg does for the Annabelle franchise what Ouija Origin of Evil does for that franchise: follow up a terrible movie with a great prequel. Creation precedes the events of the original and gives the backstory to how Annabelle became the demonic presence she is in the Conjuring.
Creation follows a group of orphans that are taken in by a family trying to get over an event in their life and then all hell breaks loose.
Although there are six orphans that enter the house, the story mainly focuses on two girls played by Tabitha Bateman(Janice) and Lulu Wilson(Linda-also in Origin Of Evil) who share a sisterly bond and want to be adopted together and it's their bond that bring the heart to the story.
The rest of the girls act as background characters and are just there to be scarred when the action goes down.
Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto add some gravitas to the film by bringing tension to the film just through the pain in their performances. The way their story is spliced through the film came off as organic and added to the narrative instead of just feeling shoehorned in.
Creation succeeds in its execution of the dread in the story instead of just using fake jump scares(there are jump scares but they are used in a good way as the payoff to those scenes are nerve wracking) but the slow burn and eery cinematography ramps up to an intense finale that uses it's R rating quite well.
Ranking up near to the original Conjuring for me, Creation has great acting, creepy scares and even connects fairly well to the original and may even have a connection to future films(The Nun). Redeeming the franchise, Creation is a fun horror film and a 6/10 for this horror fan.

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