Everest ★★★★

The tale of eight climbers who climb to the peak of Everest and their perilous journey down the mountain against odds when a deadly storm strikes. The film is cinematically engaging(and really great looking in IMAX although the 3D was often distracting, but not as off putting as the 3D in the Walk), Everest is often hampered by undeveloped characters, despite having a cast of great actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Michael Kelly as the climbers-some getting very little to work with and still bringing decent performances while others become one-note characters, and a loose plot that focuses more on the business aspect of taking people to the top than developing an intriguing story.
The film truly belongs to Jason Clarke as his character gets the most screen time, gets developed more and has a more nuanced story arc and gives the audience something to care about(as his chemistry with his wife played by Keira Knightly makes for some of the film's more dramatic moments). Even Sam Worthington has a nice chance to shine in his subdued role. The true character of the film is Everest itself as it has a life of its own.
The pacing of the film is odd, building up key characters then completely ignoring them for long stretches of time. The film also has odd departures of characters that feel more oddly funny than dramatic thanks to the odd way the scenes are shot. The film also takes way too much on a strange story element that goes nowhere, is never explained and never serves the narrative. The film also cops out a key character by making the audience believe an event will occur before pulling the rug out. The film will having you leaving the theater angry and sad at the same time but overall thinking that maybe the IMAX price was too much for a film with not much substance.
An experience more than anything.

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